Mech – K:Bull 1.3r Type 5 (offensive division)

Pilot – Benson McHarbringer

The world is now dominated by robots, order was upheld for some time, yet dissent grew rapidly. Post human erratication, robots now dabble in strange new theorys and religions. Factions form and spread to opposite parts of the globe. As pressing world wars break out more and more resources and time are spent on militant action and technology. A gap in mechanical offensive weapon and vehicle technology is felt by both sides. Research begins to get poured into bio and genetic engeneering. Much was kept from the public and heavy precautions were taken to not worsen matters with creating a new enemy, a new human race. All products were to be self-contained controlled species that would eventually hold powers accommodating and even exceeding the current technology plateau. Many bio engineered hand held and ground troop weapons were created. Small mindless pawns proved to be versatile and agile aggressors, unaffected by the enemies EMP’s and detection units. Most were used as scouts running faster than cheetahs and being able to blend in with surroundings. A push was made for bio engineered mechs; quick, armored, repairable (and better yet rapid-healing), and offensive units capable of being controlled by the militaries finest soldiers. Eventually a line of K:Bulls were created. Prototype after prototype finally lead to a stable design; 1.3r type # capable of rapid healing, ultra sense detection (primarily for smell, feeling, and “aura”) , high speeds and jumping abilities, and are a natural at massive herd and flocking tactics and maneuvers. The units carry steel crushing strength and weight, inertia plays a big key in offensive destruction. A number of offensive attachments fit to the K:Bulls vessel, all of which are controlled by the pilot. Benson McHarbringer was drafted and put to work in a lower class troop. After much time and practice he emerged as the best in his class and the best mech pilot ever known. He is the proud pilot of 1.3r Type 5, a mysterious K:Bull that has out performed others in all areas of combat. Only one known for improvising on the battleground, this mech demands a special and trusting pilot. 3dsmax5/photoshop 4987 Poly count Total Scene

3dsmax 5/photoshop 4987 polycount (total in scene)