Bandage Box / Super Meat Box "Work In Progress"

Apevia QPack-X2 Super Meat Boy based case mod. :: Intel Quad2Core, 16Gb G.Skill (currently 4gb though). BFG 7950GT (The GTX 260 would not fit)

The idea was to build an mATX HTPC / Lanboy / Mobile Workstation primarily used for my theater room. This project so far has invovled dremeling the back of the case for the Corsair Cooling system (Radiator). Cutting out supports, clips, and all around heavy modifications.

Pink LED's were ordered on Ebay for heavy pink lighting. Some white LED's were placed in the upper part of the case to help back-light the Meat Boy image.

The case has been a long time in the making and I'm surprised the computer still runs! The plan is to put saw blades into the left side pane held by armatures like in a level from SMB. The front (Bandage Girl) needs a lot of work as well.